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Colditz Castle

Almost 500 years old, but most famous for its younger history. Colditz Castle is especially in England known for hosting Oflag IV-C a Prisoners of War Camp during World War II.

The Castle is located in Colditz, a small town on the river Mulde, that is roughly 50 km away from Leipzig.

We recommend to take the trip from Leipzig by bike. The area is a paradise for riding road bike and not boring at all. On the way to Colditz you have the chance to explore the so called „Neuseenland“. The name can be translated as ‘New Lakeland’, because till the end of the GDR the area was dominated by open brown coal pits. Since the 1990s the former moonscape is getting transformed into a recreation area.

If you prefer to take a trip that is more relaxed, we can arrange it as well.